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How to Travel on a Budget in Honolulu!

Plenty of Free Activities

People often think of Honolulu as this extraordinarily overpriced place that requires you to be rich in order to be able to afford to visit here. While there are several expensive places here, many people don’t realize that there are so many budget options here in Honolulu that don’t require you to break the bank in order to have a fun vacation. Exploring Honolulu on a budget can be just as fun and exciting as a luxury stay! As far as activities are concerned there are so many cheap and free options to choose from including relaxing at the beach, surfing, hiking, visiting cultural sites, discounted tours, festivals, or simply walking around and taking in the beauty of this magical island. People often forget that going to the beach and hiking are completely free! There are so many beautiful hikes in the area, including diamond head, manoa falls, and many more. You can also rent surfboards in Waikiki for about 10 dollars which is a great option to be able to experience surfing in Hawaii!

Waikiki Beach

Eating on a Budget

One of the most expensive things that can truly add up while traveling is food expenses. But fear not, for there are several great options in Honolulu that are affordable and tasty! One of the best options is definitely the food trucks, which offer an array of different foods at decent prices. The best part about the food trucks is that the food is so fresh and the atmosphere is truly a lot of fun. You get the experience of eating out without having to pay absurd prices. Another option is the delis and farmers markets here, which run quite often and are truly amazing. At the farmers markets, everything is so fresh and cheap! Hawaii is also known for their plate lunches, which are offered throughout the city for affordable prices and they are very delicious!

Turtle Trolley

Transportation Options

If you’re looking for a way to get around the city on a budget, look no further than the Waikiki Turtle Trolley which is completely free of charge! The Waikiki Turtle Trolley is such a truly special opportunity that allows for people to travel all the way from Ala Moana to Diamond Head and everything in between! There are so many stops along the route including Treasures and You in Waikiki, Ala Moana Center, Whole Foods, SALT at Kakaako, Monsarrat Avenue, and the world famous Diamond Head Crater hike. This allows travelers to be able to experience so many different places and not have to pay a penny while doing so. The trolley is open air and is a lot of fun to ride, we also use this same trolley to transport our guests to our wonderful turtle snorkeling tours. This is one of the only free transportation options offered in Honolulu, even the bus charges you and is not a fun atmosphere like the trolley is, so come take advantage of the Waikiki Turtle Trolley and have a blast!

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