You are currently viewing Tasty Treats and Fun Souvenirs at the Waikiki Treasures and You Gift Shop!

Tasty Treats and Fun Souvenirs at the Waikiki Treasures and You Gift Shop!

What is Treasures and You?

Treasures and You is a unique and wonderful gift shop that is located in the heart of Waikiki, in the And You Creations office on the 4th floor, located on Lewers street. More than anything, visiting Treasures and You is an all around exciting experience, in which you can try many things and have a good time exploring the fun. At Treasures and You, we offer various options at our shop including many different souvenirs, delicious treats, and many immersive experiences such as sampling foods and photo booths.

Souvenirs at Treasures and You

One thing that everyone can agree on is that vacations are such meaningful and life changing experiences that we try to remember for the rest of our lives. When we think about the amazing experiences that we had on our vacations in life, it brings us instant overflowing happiness. One of the best ways to remember our trips is through souvenirs that remind us of those special days. Look no further than the Treasures and You gift shop as we offer everything from jewelry, clothing, stuffed animals, cultural gifts, decor, traditional foods, and much more.

Free samples

Tasty Treats and Samples at Treasures and You

Treasures and You is not just any souvenir shop however, as it is also a place to enjoy many delicious snacks. We offer so many options to ensure that everyone is able to find snacks that truly make the heart happy. There are many types of traditional Hawaiian snacks that you can buy to take home as souvenir to share all of the Aloha with your friends, family, and co-workers! We also offer several complimentary snacks that you can try including 100% percent Kona coffee, cookies, nuts, and more.


And You Creations Tours

While stopping by at Treasures and You , be sure to check out all of our magnificent tours that we offer. We offer so many amazing tours, including dolphin watching, turtle snorkeling, party cruises, circle island tours, and several hiking tours. Our tours are all inclusive with transportation and food included so you can relax and enjoy your experience without any worry. Our turtle snorkeling tour is one of our most magnificent tours, that uses the Waikiki Turtle Trolley. The Waikiki Turtle Trolley is included with our turtle tours and one of the stops on the route is Treasures and You! Check out amazing tours, eat delicious foods, have a fun photo experience, and get meaningful souvenirs all in one stop at the Treasures and You gift shop!